Current Research in Psychology
Research in Developmental Disorders

My thesis sought to determine if a new survey, the Coolidge Autistic Symptoms Survey (CASS), as well as a toddler version of the survey (CASS-T), could distinguish among children with mild autism, children with moderate-to-severe autism, and children with no autistic diagnosis. Results suggested the parent-as-respondent CASS and CASS-T were able to do so. Follow-on research I am conducting with my thesis advisor, Prof. Fred Coolidge, will determine if the surveys can distinguish between children with autism spectrum disorders and children with only hypo/hyper sensory issues (Sensory Processing Disorder).

I am also conducting a meta-analysis on the neurological foci associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). In doing so, I hope to synthesize the myriad neurological research in ASD. Additionally, I am concatenating the research in such a way that will combine associated behaviors to their neurological foundations and align those by DSM 5 diagnostic criteria.

Research in Personality Disorders

Along with Prof. Fred Coolidge, I am investigating whether "Failure to Launch" individuals might be afflicted with a DSM-eliminated disorder, the Inadequate Personality Disorder (from DSM II).

Other Psychology Research

I am exploring the association between Neurasthenia (from DSM II) and Fibromyalgia with Prof. Fred Coolidge.

Recent Events in Psychology Research
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Here, I am presenting "Are Alexithymia and Schizoid Personality Disorder Synonymous Diagnoses?" at the American Psychological Association's (APA) annual conference in Orlando, Florida, during August, 2012, with Alisa Estey.

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Here, I am presenting "The Role of Psychology in Facilitating Growth in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)" at the APA annual conference in Orlando, Florida, during August, 2012, to the president of APA, Suzanne Bennett Johnson.

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Here, I am presenting "Meta Analysis of Neurological Foci and Cognitive Dysfunction Correlates of Autism Spectrum Disorder" at the APA annual conference in Orlando, Florida, during August, 2012, with my thesis advisor, Prof. Frederick Coolidge.


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