Curriculum Vitae

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Peter Daniel Marle, M.A.
Graduate Student / Research Assistant
Psychology Department
Saint Louis University
Shannon Hall; 3511 Laclede Ave.
Saint Louis, MO 63103

Manuscripts in Print  

Marle, P. D., Decker, L. L., Taylor, V., Fitzpatrick, K., Khaliqi, D., Owens, J. E., & Henry, R. M. (2014). CSI-chocolate science investigation and the case of the recipe rip-off: Using an extended problem-based scenario to enhance high school students' science engagement. Journal of Chemical Education. Advance online publication.

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Coolidge, F. L., Estey, A. J., Segal, D. L., & Marle, P. D. (2013). Are alexithymia and schizoid personality disorder synonymous diagnoses? Comprehensive Psychiatry, 54, 141-148.

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Coolidge, F. L., Marle, P. D., Rhoades, C. S., Monaghan, P., & Segal, D. L. (2013). Psychometric properties of a new measure to assess autism spectrum disorder in DSM-5. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 83, 126-130.

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Cahill, B. S., Coolidge, F. L., Segal, D. L., Klebe, K. J., Marle, P. D., & Overmann, K. A. (2012). Prevalence of ADHD and its subtypes in male and female adult prison inmates. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 30, 154-166.

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Coolidge, F. L., Marle, P. D., & Van Horn, S. A., & Segal, D. L. (2011). Clinical Syndromes, personality disorders, and neurocognitive differences in male and female inmates. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 29, 741-751.

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Submitted Manuscripts  

Marle, P. D., Decker, L. L., & Khaliqi, D. H. (2012). Professional development in inquiry science teaching: Self-reports, interviews, and observations. Manuscript submitted for publication.

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Manuscripts in Progress  

Marle, P. D., & Decker, L. L. (2012). An evaluation of a math teachers’ circle program: Inquiry-based pedagogy in practice. Manuscript in preparation.


Marle, P. D., Estey, A. J., Finan, L. J., Overmann, K. A., & Coolidge, F. L. (2012). Development and psychometric properties of a new scale: The Self-Report Scale for Schizoid Behaviors (SRSSB). Manuscript in preparation.


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